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Working Platforms

Creating a mechanically stabilised layer
If you’re using a mobile crane, piling rig or other heavy plant on a construction site—particularly where the ground is weak or unstable—having a safe working platform is vital.

Tensar’s TriAx geogrid stabilises granular working platforms by creating a ‘mechanically stabilised layer’.

A layer of aggregate (granular fill) is placed over a TriAx geogrid

  • The aggregate and the geogrid interlock, forming a confinement effect
  • This confinement is what stabilises the aggregate
  • Having a mechanically stabilised layer increases the working platform’s bearing capacity while drastically reducing the amount of aggregate that needs to be used.
  • This has the benefit of allowing cranes or piling rigs to carry much heavier static loads.

    Benefits of using Tensar geogrids in working platforms :

    • Financial savings that result from using less aggregate (typically up to 50% less in many cases)
    • Projects can be completed in much less time
    • Environmental benefits that come with using less carbon (i.e. in aggregate)
    • Higher bearing capacity
    • Better general access to construction sites
    • Less deformation to working surfaces
    • Can be deployed in all ground conditions

    Port-Said Load Test