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Triton® Marine Mattress System

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Composed of a Tensar® Geogrid structure filled with stone, the Triton® Marine Mattress System was developed for erosion control and submerged foundation applications, including:

  • Shoreline revetments and dune stabilization.
  • Foundations for breakwaters, jetties, groins and dikes.
  • Pipeline cover to prevent scour and protect submerged pipelines.
  • Scour mats for underwater pipeline crossings and sewage outfalls.
  • Riverbank protection, channel lining and bridge scour abatement.

In addition to the durability and long-term tensile capacity of Tensar Geogrids, the Triton Marine Mattress System’s superior performance is due to its:

  • Monolithic high mass and porosity
  • Flexibility and hydraulic stability
  • Energy dissipation characteristics
  • Sensitivity to wave run-up or reflection

A number of characteristics that make Triton Marine Mattresses so effective for erosion control make them effective for in situ capping of contaminated sediments. In addition to erosion control, Triton Marine Mattresses address industry concerns regarding:

  • Potential for re-suspension of contaminants.
  • Erodibility of capping material.
  • Constructability, including uniform cap thickness and over-design of the capping layer to compensate for loss during construction.
  • Maintenance concerns, including cost and accessibility.
  • Overall durability of capping materials.

With these key features, Triton Marine Mattresses withstand heavy erosive action when exposed to:

  • Salt water or other harsh chemical environments.
  • Variable subgrade surfaces or soft subgrade soils.
  • Steep slopes, stream or canal banks.
  • Wave or flow conditions that challenge the stability of a mat’s exposed edge.
  • Demands for rapid installation or emergency repairs.


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