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The Geocell is a three-dimensional light-weight and flexible material made from blends of polyethylene strips, ultrasonically bonded to form a shape of honeycomb.

Geocell is a geosynthetic product that is highly effective in solving many drainage, soil reinforcement and erosion control problems.

The product is the best solution for:

  • Erosion control problems
  • Channel Protection
  • Slope protection
  • Road – base stabilization
  • Track-bed stabilization
  • Retaining walls
  • Acoustic walls
  • Open – mines cover
  • Landfill covers
  • Green Parking
  • Green roofs

……and many other applications.

Properties that make Geocell the best solution for solving the above-mentioned problems include its flexibility, durability, stability against chemical and bacteriological degradation and its minimum transport volume.

It is simple to install (even by unskilled workers) but is a sophisticated product with many end-uses, particularly in erosion control and sub-base of roads and railways.

Geocell system and technology leads the geosynthetic industry with reliable, cost effective and innovated solution.


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