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Earth Retaining Walls

Engineers who need to maximise the area of development for earth retaining walls and structures but are faced with difficult and varied terrain can choose from a wide range of options – reinforced concrete, gabions, crib walls, sheet piling and structural brickwork, and more.

Increasingly, though, many are turning to Tensar technology for a tailored solution which can meet aesthetic, budget and environmental needs.

How your project can
benefit ?

As a simple, modular system using carefully integrated components, Tensar reinforced soil structures offer a number of advantages over traditional reinforced concrete:
  • Up to 75% cost savings
  • Rapid construction, cutting times by up to half
  • A choice of face angles from 20˚ to 90˚, architectural and natural finishes and design options for easily-built curves and terraces
  • Internationally-certified
  • Up to 120-year design life
  • Indemnified designs
  • Most systems need neither crane lifts nor temporary propping
  • Environmental advantages can include the use of site-won or waste fill materials and significantly reduced construction carbon emissions
Application areas

Using our 5 years of experience with construction and reinforced soil design (such as reinforced earth walls and reinforced slopes), as well as our geogrid products, geotech Earth Retaining Systems offer many options to suit a wide range of applications. These choices include:

  • Earth Retaining walls , WingWalls and Bridge abutments with a selection of systems, such as modular facing blocks, full height or incremental concrete panels.
  • Steep slopes constructed with fast, economical techniques to create reinforced slopes with a steep face angle and a vegetated finish, enhancing slope stability.
  • Repair of slopes using a combination of geogrids and the failed soil to restore slope stability with less environmental damage.