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Due to the destructive power of waves, tides and currents, often combined with the requirements for a solution sensitive to the natural environment, few locations present more construction challenges than the coast.

Compared with more traditional reinforced concrete structures, TensarTech Wall Systems offer you a wide range of benefits:

How your project can
benefit ?

  • No propping: the unique modular block system can be built simply, without requiring propping and, in many cases, without the need for crane lifts
  • No on-site concrete curing time: the dry jointed precast facings units require no curing and are well suited to inter-tidal working. Additionally, this reduces the pollution risk from concrete contamination of watercourses
  • Easy installation: typically, no specialist skills are needed for installation
  • Reduce environmental impact: by using reclaimed or site-won material as fill, CO2 emissions from construction can be diminished
  • Cuts construction costs: with easy, rapid construction, as well as the use of site-won materials, costs and time can be cut by up to 50%
  • Little to no maintenance: Tensar systems have a design life of up to 120 years, with minimal maintenance required
In cases where soil erosion could be a problem, Tensar RollMax range can be the perfect choice:

Natural erosion protection: this stabilises the surface while vegetation becomes established, then enhances and reinforces the root system in the long-term